Friday, October 17, 2008

where the sidewalk begins...

once upon a time

there was a young girl.

she lived in a land of stories. of adventures. of campfires. of little women and looking glasses and bell jars.

she lived in a room of her own and she filled her world with treasures.

she made terrariums filled with tiny porcelain figurines

and hand-knitted socks for beloveds living in paris

while joni mitchell played on her crackly record player.

a descendant of emerson.

he would be so proud.

she hid in botanical gardens naming the flowers

and unearthed tomes of botanical sketchbooks in an old dusty attic

in a world of her own.

then one fine day

an apple from the chesapeake

met a peach from georgia.

it began with two girls pirouetting in circles around each other

in an empty shop

moments before the doors closed for the evening.

and that is where the story begins.

we will knit your heart with an unslipping knot

and make a jacob's ladder for you to climb to the stars

a pair of paper dolls

with a treasure map waiting to unfold.

do you believe in magic?


Missa said...

Um... yes.
I am so excited to see where you ladies take this blog!

Mila said...

Yes, i do!

I agree with Missa, i am already excited to see what you great girls come up with!

Ginny, show us your apartment and the way you decorated it! ;)



Amy Elizabeth said...

A Jacobs ladder? Is that a new special item at the Marc store?

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

hahahahha.!!!!!!!!!!!! i just laughed out loud. i didn't even think of it that way!

Magazine Blog said...

I was passing by.... and I was enchanted by your words, your world and you, ladies.
Ana Braz
Rio de Janeiro
If you speak portuguese it will be a pleasure to receive you in my blogs.

Anonymous said...

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