Thursday, April 9, 2009

the girl's got it all...

no pressure...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Treasure Chest.

Calling Ginny Branch!

I've found the most dreamy antique store that will be the perfect main attraction in our upcoming New England apple picking & apartment outfitting weekend. It's cute and fancy (but not too fancy to be out of reach). Finally!

Oh, how I love pretty storage. These suitcases are great for teeny New York apartments, case in point; Ginny and I both stash our stuff in them. All under $40.

These old industrial carts are so pretty and only $50. They'd make a cute T.V. cart or coffee table.

For only $5 a piece, you too can have a dog show champion, from the 50's of course.

Beautiful rolls of vintage wallpaper for $20, could be enough to cover a filing cabinet or line a pantry. I love that painting, too. Looks like one in John Derian but for 1/2 off.

This is where Virginia Woolf would have gotten ready for a evening garden party at Bloomsbury. Oh, to be a dainty lady, I can't wait to have a dressing room of my own.

These cake stands are such a cute mismatched set. Maybe for cupcakes?

I'm normally not a big stainless steel fan, but this sink just farmhouse enough to make me weak in the knees.

All the ironstone in there could easily be gathered at thrift stores over time and be cheap, cheap, cheap to boot.

This store is merchandised so beautifully that you just want to buy it all. Luckily, I was with my mom this time round. Let me loose in here with Miss Branch and I'm afraid I'll come home with an apartment's worth of things.

Oh who am I fooling, that's the fun of it.

It's right near the MetroNorth train station so it's easy as pie to get to.
The Seymour Antique Co.
26 Bank Street
Seymour, Connecticut 06583

Watch out, Ginny and I will not be pleased if you take all of our goodies before next weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008

where the sidewalk begins...

once upon a time

there was a young girl.

she lived in a land of stories. of adventures. of campfires. of little women and looking glasses and bell jars.

she lived in a room of her own and she filled her world with treasures.

she made terrariums filled with tiny porcelain figurines

and hand-knitted socks for beloveds living in paris

while joni mitchell played on her crackly record player.

a descendant of emerson.

he would be so proud.

she hid in botanical gardens naming the flowers

and unearthed tomes of botanical sketchbooks in an old dusty attic

in a world of her own.

then one fine day

an apple from the chesapeake

met a peach from georgia.

it began with two girls pirouetting in circles around each other

in an empty shop

moments before the doors closed for the evening.

and that is where the story begins.

we will knit your heart with an unslipping knot

and make a jacob's ladder for you to climb to the stars

a pair of paper dolls

with a treasure map waiting to unfold.

do you believe in magic?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ladies and Gents....

Let me be the first to welcome you to a new little project brought to you by a team of storybook heroines, busy bees and all around kindred spirits.

I'd like to take a minute and introduce my beautiful partner in blogging crime, known to her friends as The Mouth of the South, Ginny Branch of "My Favorite Color is Shiny" fame.

Born as sweet as a peach in Georgia, Ginny spent her girlhood laying flowers at the grave of Margaret Mitchell. Such a magical youth surely explains her lifelong devotion to old timey romance and childlike wonder.

We immediately bonded over our similarities (Yo-yo quilts! Peg Board! Little Women! French toast! ) and have since decided to combine our feminine charms into one boiling pot of creative goodness, this little blog here. Please think of Miss Branch and I as hairbow wearing, cupcake eating, classic English novel reading big city detectives, scoping out undiscovered sources for sweeter living.

Together we'll be bringing you the ground up decoration of Ginny's new apartment, my wanderlust for weekend antique shopping and the planning of a shiny, southern, Great Gatsby wedding. Ladies and Gentleman, may I present Virginia Wolves!